"FATHER in Heaven,

 We worship You and praise

Your Holy name;

We stand in awe of Your

deep love and great



We bow in Your presence 

with repentant hearts,

seeking forgiveness for ourselves and for the

Church, for doing things we ought not do and not doing

things we ought to do.


Help us sincerely practice

patience and forgiveness

toward one another.


Cause Your grace and mercy to flow freely to us and

through us.


Strengthen us by Your Spirit 

to stand firm on the truth in

times of blessing and trials.


Preserve unity in our Church

family as we acknowledge

each Spiritual gift and

display the fruit of Your Spirit.


Make us passionate for Your

Word and bold to speak as 

You open doors for us.


Help us faithfully live and

love as ambassadors of 

Jesus Christ.


With grateful hearts, we ask

these things in the name of

our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen"